Updated: 2017-06-26


By Barchart

    The getChart API is used to request a custom chart image with variables such as chart type, size, period and technical indicators, based on a symbol

    Query Parameters

    Parameter Description Data Type
    frequencyType Frequency type: DO (Daily Contract), DN (Daily Nearest), DC (Daily Continuation), WO (Weekly Contract), WN (Weekly Nearest), WC (Weekly Continuation), MO (Monthly Contract), MN (Monthly Nearest), MC (Monthly Continuation)
    height The height of the chart, in pixels, with no indicators in pixels.
    indicators A semi-colon delimited list of indicators.
    period The period to display the chart.
    symbols A symbol or code that identifies a financial instrument.
    type The type of chart, includes: bar chart ("BAR"), candlestick ("CANDLE"), area ("AREA") or line ("LINE") chart.
    volume An option to display the volume indicator on the chart.
    width The width of chart in pixels.

    Response Fields

    Field Description Data Type
    imageURL The URL for the chart image. string
    symbol A symbol or code that identifies a financial instrument. string

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