Updated: 2018-02-12


By Exchange Data International

    Returns historical pricing data for a single security

    Query Parameters:

    Parameter Meaning Data Type
    T Application Key which authenticates you with cloudquote (required) Base64 String
    symbol One symbol to look up (ex: GOOG) String
    mic The MIC code of the exchange the security trades on String
    startDate Filters the results to only include records equal to or later than this date Date String - YYYY-MM-DD Format
    endDate Filters the results to on include records equal to or earlier than this date Date String - YYYY-MM-DD Format

    JSON Response:

    • The response is an object, containing the following keys:
    Parameter Meaning Data Type
    rows A collection of historical stock data, with one row for each day of history Array of Array
    rows[...] A single day of historical data for a security Array
    columns The list of column names which correspond to each row Array of String


    • Please make sure to reference the columns array when parsing the data - do not assume that the data in the rows will always be in a particular order.
    Name Meaning Data Type
    MIC Market Identifier Code String
    ISIN ISIN Number String
    Currency Currency the security trades in String
    PriceDate The date for this price quotation Date
    Open Open Price Double
    High High Price Double
    Low Low Price Double
    Mid Mid Price Double
    CloseMid Closing Mid Price Double
    Close Closing Price Double
    Ask Ask Price Double
    Last Last Price Double
    Bid Bid Price Double
    BidSize Bid Size 64 Bit Integer
    AskSize Ask Size 64 Bit Integer
    TradedVolume Total Volume Traded 64 Bit Integer
    SecurityID Security Identifier String
    MarketCloseDate Market Closing Data Date
    VolumeFlag Volume Flag String
    IssuerName Issuer Name String
    SecurityCode Security Code String
    SecurityDescription Security Description String
    SEDOL SEDOL Number String
    USCode US Code String
    PrimaryExchangeCode Primary Exchange Code String
    ExchangeCode Exchange Code String
    TradedValue Traded Value Double
    TotalTrades Total Trades 64 Bit Integer
    Comment Comment String
    IndexName Index Name String

    About the Vendor

    Since 1994, Exchange Data International (EDI) has been helping the global financial community make informed decisions with high quality securities reference data, corporate actions and end of day pricing services.

    Exchange Data International covers all major markets with special emphasis on emerging and frontier markets that are Africa, Asia, Far East, Latin America and Middle East.