Updated: 2018-12-30


By FinancialContent

    Retrieves a list of splits by security

    Query Parameters:

    Parameter Meaning Data Type
    T Application Key which authenticates you with cloudquote (required) Base64 string
    symbol The ticker symbol of the security to retrieve events for String

    JSON Response:

    The response is an object, containing the following keys:

    Parameter Meaning Data Type
    rows A collection of income statements Array of Array
    rows[i] A single income statement - each data point corresponds to a matching column Array of String or Number
    columns The names of the columns used in rows[i] Array of Strings

    Response Fields

    Field Description Data Type
    payable Payable date of stock split Date String
    symbol Ticker Symbol String
    ratioFrom Left-Hand side of split ratio Number
    ratioTo Right-Hand side of split ratio Number
    announced Date that split was announced Date String
    executed Date that split was executed Date String

    About the Vendor

    FinancialContent is one of the largest providers of stock market data, business news and content syndication tools for online publishers