Updated: 2018-12-30

Intraday Sparkline Chart

By amCharts

    Interactive intraday sparkline stock chart



    This demo shows three independent sparkline charts, each updating dynamically from a separate daily stock price feed. (getStockTickHistory) As with other amCharts’ dynamic data load demos, this one uses Data Loader plugin . The CloudQuote data is processed using Data Loader’s postProcess handler. It allows setting up a custom function that the loaded data is run through before it is passed on to the chart.

    Demo uses this handler to both reformat the data into the desired format, as well as check it for some other signs, like if the data is coming from the previous trading day, or if there are no data points for today yet, and update appropriate informative labels on the chart itself.

    "dataLoader": {
    "url": "https://api.cloudquote.net/fcon/getStockTickHistory.json?symbol=MSFT", "format": "json",
    "postProcess": AmCharts.parseFinancialContentJSON,
    "reload": 10

    The reload parameter above also instructs Data Loader to poll the server for the update data every 10 seconds.

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